5 Must-Have Accessories For Groomsmen

The groom is surely the man of the hour at his wedding, but the groomsmen – the friends of the main man aren’t any less when it comes to rocking a great look! After all, they are a major part of the wedding ceremony. Working up a stunning look for the groomsmen calls for a great outfit paired up with some equally awesome accessories. While there’s a whole bunch of items that you can go for, below are 5 must-have accessories for groomsmen that will never fail you.


Initially, suspenders were worn by the groomsmen for quite a casual, no-jacket look. But today this accessory seems to be a must-wear, no matter you go for a jacket or not. Coming in a whole bunch of patterns and colors, while the idea of clubbing black suspenders with black tie and black suits is an ever-successful one. Perfect for an outdoor wedding, you can pin the boutonnieres onto the suspenders and totally rock it. While they can be combined with all kinds of bow ties and neckties, they look best when all the groomsmen wear the same width. Oh yes, you can ditch the belt when going for suspenders.


All those who want to celebrate the tradition would love to club their bow ties with a cool cummerbund. Workaround a man’s waist, this formal accessory looks best when matching the color of your bow tie. Although the cummerbund pleats aren’t that convenient as pockets, they surely help you pull off a dapper look.


Ditching the button, this metal accessory keeps the shirt cuffs rightly secure. They surely are a great groomsmen accessory, but call for a careful selection of the shirt to ensure cuff link-compatibility. Most men’s shirts sold feature buttons on the cuffs and can’t be worn with cuff-links. So it is essential to make sure to go for shirts labeled single cuff or French cuff. Special occasions surely call for cuff links!

Tie Bars

Not only do tie bars look good, but they are also practical which makes them a popular groomsmen accessory. The accessory keeps the tie and the tie tail in place by simply clasping to the tie. It doesn’t let the tie fly in the air and doesn’t throw it over the shoulders in those wedding photos. This makes this simple accessory a must for outdoor weddings. Secondly, they add an accent color to the outfit. If you are going for a monochrome attire, go for a tie bar in the color of the tie, or go for an unfailing gold or silver.

Lapel Pins

One of the newest additions to men’s wedding attire, Lapel pins are a cool replacement to the conventional flower boutonniere. Plus, they can compliment your groomsmen look with the right color coordination as they are made from the same fabric as the ties. They are attached to the shirt, jacket lapel, or suspender strap with the help of a butterfly clasp or metal pin, depending on the style of your outfit.

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