How To Plan A Pet-Friendly Outdoor Wedding In 2020

It would be an awesome idea if the bride and groom would both bring their dog to the wedding since the pet is part of the family. Thus, better know how to plan a pet-friendly outdoor wedding in 2020. First, better find out if the venue is pet friendly or not. If it is not, then better look for other options as there are a lot more than you thought anyway. After that, better find a photographer who loves dogs so that the dogs would get their well-deserved exposure when it comes to appearing in the photos other than the humans getting all the glory. Also, it’s not a bad idea to add the best electric dog fence your budget can afford so that dogs won’t be able to wander off while the wedding is ongoing. You can even make customized, wedding-themed collars for each pup that is attending. It is no secret the married couple is going to be too busy with the festivities that they may lose track of the dog. Hence, having a fence there would make sure the pet does not go anywhere unnoticed. Even if you have cameras all over the place, it would still be a lot better if you won’t lose your dog when the going gets tough as you would not want to look for your pet on your big day.

Don’t forget to think about what the dog’s role would be. The dog can be a part of the entourage or simply the ring bearer. The pet can even appear many times at the wedding if you allow your dog to. In fact, the more times the dog appears, the better it would be as that is cuteness overload. Perhaps, one thing you must never forget is to choose a nice outfit for your dog. There are just too many gorgeous outfits at the nearest pet shop or you can have your tailor make one for your pet. Remember, this night happens once in a lifetime so you would want everyone to look their best including the dog. As they say, your pet must dress for the occasion. In addition, the dog is going to get hungry and thirsty at the wedding so better bring dog food and water for your pet unless you are planning on making your dog eat human food. It really depends on what the dog is used to. It would not hurt to give your pet a nice treat once in a while especially on your big day. Additionally, better let everyone know that you are bringing your pet in the invitation that you will send them. You can even put there that they are all welcome to bring their dogs to the wedding too. Also, those who are allergic to animals can plan ahead what they are going to bring to the wedding. Some of them may even decline and you can let them as they are not your loss. The important part is that your pet must not miss the biggest day of your life. It would be unfair to let your pet stay home for it.

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